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How to use PhonePe App from Flipkart?

PhonePe App

How to use PhonePe App from Flipkart?

What is PhonePe App?

PhonePe is a mobile wallet cum UPI App launched by Flipkart to provide a cashless and a seamless payment experience. PhonePe is based on the government-backed Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform and is powered by Yes Bank. PhonePe helps you to instantly transfer the money from one bank to another by using unique identifiers like a mobile number or Virtual Payment Address(VPA) without using account numbers or IFSC codes.

Features of PhonePe App

1. No need to top up the wallet, just link your bank account to the PhonePe app and make hassle-free payments from your account 24/7 – Even on holidays and weekends.
2. You can receive instant refunds and cashbacks from your shopping destinations into the PhonePe wallet.
3. You can use multiple payment modes such as your UPI enabled bank account, PhonePe wallet, or your debit and credit cards.
4.  You can pay partially using the funds in your wallet along with any of the above-mentioned modes.
5. Top up your PhonePe wallet using your bank account (UPI enabled) or debit card for making lightning fast payments.
6. You can withdraw your PhonePe wallet balance to your bank account without any charges. However, cashback credited to your wallet cannot be withdrawn to any linked bank account or transferred to other users.
7. Saved card for fast and easy payment. Therefore no need to enter your card details every time for making payments.
8. You can make everyday payments – utility bills, mobile recharge, transfer money to friends and family, request money etc.
9. PhonePe app can also be used to check your bank account balance.
10. You can choose a language of your choice from English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi & Bengali to make everyday payments and money transfers easier for you.

Uses of PhonePe App

You can use PhonePe app for the following
1. Transfer and request money from friends and family members entering their mobile number, name or VPA.
2. Recharge prepaid mobile number.
3. Recharge Datacard and DTH.
4. Pay your utility bills.
5. Split bills between people.
6. Check your Bank balance.
7. Scan QR code and pay.

Where to get PhonePe App

PhonePe app is available for Android and iOS users. Android users can download PhonePe app from Google PlayStore and iOS users can download PhonePe app from App Store. Install this app into your gadget and link up with your bank account.

How to set PhonePe App on your Android phone

1. Download and install Phonepe app from Google Play Store.
2. Open the PhonePe app and click on Register Now”.
PhonePe App

3. Enter and verify your mobile number (your mobile number should be the same that is already registered with your bank account).
PhonePe App
4. Enter your name, email address (optional) and set your 4-digit PhonePe password and click on continue.
5. Select the language and click on done.
PhonePe App
6. In the next step click on “My” option at the bottom and then click on your Account bar.
PhonePe AppPhonePe App

7. On the next screen verify your email and select for your VPA (Virtual Payment Address) setting.
PhonePe App
8. In the next step, it sends an SMS from your phone in order to verify your device and mobile number.
PhonePe App
9. Generate your VPA Id and click on “Continue”. This VPA will be used to send and receive payments.
PhonePe AppPhonePe App
10. Now go again to “My Account” page and click on “Bank Account” > “Add New Bank Account”.
PhonePe App
11. Now select your bank name and it will automatically fetch details of your bank account after you select the bank.
12. Click on “SET UPI PIN and enter your Debit card details.
PhonePe AppPhonePe App

13. Enter the received OTP and set your UPI PIN (six digit number) if you do not have a UPI PIN.
PhonePe App
14. Once done, you have successfully created your UPI PIN and now you can pay directly from your bank account using PhonePe App.
PhonePe App

In the same way, you can add your other bank accounts. Using PhonePe App, you can also check your Bank balance by clicking on “Check Bank Balance” option. Make sure you log out from the app after using PhonePe App and never share your UPI PIN with others.

Withdraw money from PhonePe Wallet to Your Bank Account

1. Open PhonePe App.
2. Go to “My Account”.
3. Click on “Wallet Balance”.
4. Choose “Withdrawal” option.
5. Swipe down to withdraw your wallet balance (max limit is Rs. 5000 per withdrawal)

Hope now you will be able to set and use PhonePe app on your Android phone. You will make everyday payments – utility bills, mobile recharge, transfer money to friends and family, request money etc. using PhonePe App.

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