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What is UAN (Universal Account Number) | How to Activate UAN

What is UAN (Universal Account Number) | How to Activate UAN

What is UAN (Universal Account Number)

UAN (Universal Account Number) is a 12 digit unique number given by EPFO to its members. A universal number is generated for each of the PF (Provident Fund) Account Number at EPFO. No two EPF members can have the same UAN. This UAN number remains same even with the change of the job. In this post, let’s take a look at how to activate UAN ((Universal Account Number).  

UAN Activation

To avail the benefits of the UAN, you have to activate your UAN. This activation is done through UAN member portal and SMS. After your UAN activation, you can avail various online services of EPFO through the UAN (Universal Account Number). Because of this universal number, you can easily transfer your EPF balance in case of the job change. If you don’t know have your UAN, contact your employer or HR Department.

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How to Activate UAN (Universal Account Number)?

The first time user of the UAN member portal has to activate UAN. There are two ways to activate UAN:
1. Activation through UAN Member Portal
2. Activation through SMS

Activate UAN (Universal Account Number) through UAN Member Portal

Visit UAN member portal . Once on UAN member portal, Click on Activate UAN and enter your UAN number, name, date of birth, mobile number and EPF number.
What is UAN (Universal Account Number) | How to Activate UAN
After you have submitted the details, you will receive an authorisation PIN on your mobile which you will have to enter in the space provided. After you have entered the PIN, you will be asked to create a password using which you can access the facilities in the member portal. This completes the activation/registration process. Now you can visit the page again to log in. You can log in every time using this password and your UAN number.

Activate UAN (Universal Account Number) through SMS

If your mobile number is registered with EPFO then you can also activate your UAN through SMS. You also need your PF account number for SMS. Type the SMS in the below format and send it to 7738299899

EPFOHO ACT,<<12 Digit UAN number>>,<<22 Digit Member Id>>

Once SMS is sent, EPFO will activate your UAN (Universal Account Number). However, after this SMS based UAN activation, you would not be able to log in at EPF member portal to avail online services.

UAN (Universal Account Number) Login

To login at UAN member portal, you have to use your user id and password. Your UAN number would be your user Id while password would be the same which was created at the time of UAN registration/activation. If you forgot the password, you can reset your password. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number to reset your password.

Facilities on UAN member portal

After the login, you would reach UAN dashboard and will be able to do the following.
1. You can download member pass-book.
2. Download UAN card in PDF format.
3. List various Member-Ids and view the details of all the linked member-Ids.
4. You can view transfer claim status, file transfer claim and system generated transfer claim status.
5. Update personal details like mobile number and email Id.
6. You can update your KYC information.
7. You will receive information about monthly contribution via SMS.
8. You can withdraw your EPF online

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What is UAN (Universal Account Number) | How to Activate UAN

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  1. UAN is a 12 digit id number allocated by EPFO organisation. Multiple persons Id number will be allotted to a single person using Universal Account Number
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