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How to Check your EPF Balance by Missed Call Facility

Check your EPF Balance by Missed Call Facility

Now checking your EPF balance is not a difficult task. You can get your PF balance update on your mobile phone by giving a missed call. All you need to give a miss call on 01122901406 from your registered number to get your PF balance via SMS. In this post, let us take a look at how to Check EPF Balance by giving a missed call.

The received SMS will show various details such as your UAN, name, date of birth, Aadhaar card, PAN card, total contribution, and last contribution. The entire process of checking PF balance by the missed call is very simple and user-friendly.

This miss call facility is available to UAN members only and that is also free of cost. Note that this facility does not require a smartphone. Also, there is no need to remember any code or format for the SMS. Just keep the number of the miss call in your phone for future use.

The requirement to Check EPF Balance by Missed Call Facility

To avail this facility for checking PF balance in the form of SMS, you must fulfill the following conditions.
1. You should have your UAN.
2. Your UAN should be activated.
3. Your mobile should be updated at the member portal. If it is not updated then you have to update it first.
4. The call should be given from the registered number which is updated on the EPF portal.
5. Any one of the following KYC must be available.
i) Bank Account
iii) PAN card

How to Check PF Balance through Missed Call?

1. You need to give a miss call from your registered number on 01122901406. When you dial it from your mobile, it will be automatically disconnected after two rings.
Check your EPF Balance by Missed Call Facility

2. Make sure you are using the registered number for giving a miss call. You have already updated your number on EPF portal while activating your UAN. If you have changed it and your number is not updated on the portal, then you need to update it first.
3. After giving a miss call, you will receive an SMS in response to that call from EPFOHO.
Check your EPF Balance by Missed Call Facility

4. The SMS from the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) contains information about the fund in your account. In addition to this, the SMS will also show your UAN, Name, Date of Birth, Aadhaar Card, PAN, Total Contribution and Last Contribution.

How does the Missed Call Facility work?

You have already linked your mobile number to your UAN while activating your UAN. The UAN which has Bank Account / PAN Card / Aadhaar is considered as the verified UAN. The EPF member portal maintains all the information about the EPF member. When you give a miss call on 01122901406 from your registered number, which is registered with the portal.  By the mobile number, your UAN is fetched. Taking detail from your UAN account, the EPFO send to you via an SMS.

Reasons for using Missed Call facility to know EPF balance

The miss call service is the most convenient method to know your Provident Fund. It is much better than Mobile App and SMS facility. Following are the reasons.
1. You can use any phone to check your employee’s provident fund by miss call. You do not need a smart phone to use this facility like in the case of mobile App.
2. Giving a miss call is much easier than typing an SMS.
3. You need to remember the code for the SMS facility of the provident fund check.
4. You don’t need to pay any fee for using this service.

What are you waiting for! Just give a miss call to 01122901406 to know your Employees Provident Fund instantly. That is also free of cost.

Missed Call Facility not working

Sometimes it can happen that the missed call facility to check EPF balance does not work. In such cases, you can use other methods to check your PF balance. You can use the online method, SMS service or UMANG App to check your Employees Provident Fund.

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  1. Every employee contributing towards EPF must know this. Ability to check EPF balance has made life easy. Employees can now check if their employer is depositing EPF deducted from salary into the account. Thank you for sharing this post.