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What is IRCTC Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance in Trains by IRCTC

What is IRCTC Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance in Trains by IRCTC

What is IRCTC Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance in Trains by IRCTC

Train passengers booking their e-tickets through IRCTC website can opt for IRCTC travel insurance cover for a premium of just 92 paise per passenger. Life is uncertain and we don’t know what life has in store for us. We can only hope for the best while remains prepared for the worst. Opting for IRCTC travel insurance is one such advance planning that we must take. Nothing can replace a loved one but financial help can make things easier for those you leave behind.

IRCTC Travel Insurance

IRCTC Travel Insurance cover is uniform for all the passengers of all class traveling by Indian Railway who book the e-ticket through IRCTC website and opt for Travel insurance and paid the premium. However, the travel insurance cover will not be provided for the children below 5 years of age. In this post, let us take a look at the IRCTC travel insurance scheme. 

How do you opt for IRCTC Travel Insurance?

While booking your e-ticket through IRCTC website, opting for "IRCTC Passenger Travel Insurance Scheme" is checked by default. IRCTC travel insurance scheme is not mandatory and you can uncheck it if you are not interested. If you opt for this, you will be charged additional 92 paise per passenger inclusive of all taxes in your ticketing amount. Once opted then it will be compulsory for all passengers booked under one PNR. Please note that children below the age of 5 years and foreign citizens are not covered under IRCTC travel insurance scheme.

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What coverage do you receive under IRCTC Travel Insurance?

In the event of a train accident or other untoward incidents like dacoity, rioting, shoot-outs, arson, violent attacks or accidental falling of a passenger from the train, the passengers or their nominee will receive the following:
1. Rs 10 lakh, in the event of death or permanent total disability.
2. Rs. 7.5 lakh, in the event of permanent partial disability.
3. Rs. 2 lakh, in the event of injury for hospitalization expenses.
4. Rs. 10,000, in the event of death for transportation of mortal remains.
Please note that this coverage is for train accidents and problems like loss of baggage are not covered by IRCTC travel insurance.

Terms & Conditions for IRCTC Travel Insurance

1. The scheme is applicable only for Indian Citizens who book their e-ticket through IRCTC website.
2. Citizens of foreign countries are not eligible for this scheme.
3. The scheme is optional.
4. If opted for IRCTC travel insurance then it will be compulsory for all passengers under one PNR.
5. The premium for IRCTC travel insurance is 92 paise per passenger inclusive of all taxes.
6. You will receive information about policy via SMS and email from the insurance company.
 7. After the booking of ticket, the nomination details to be filled at respective insurance company website.
8. If passenger opts for IRCTC travel insurance, the claim/liability shall be between the insured and the insurance company.
9. In case of diversion of the train due to any reason, the coverage shall be for the diverted route.
10. The policy obtained by the passenger for his journey in the original train shall be valid in the vikalp train also.
11. Cancellation of policy is not allowed once the premium is paid.
12. No refund of premium will be made in all cases including waitlisted ticket. The IRCTC travel insurance cover is kept uniform for all classes.

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Which Insurance Companies are offering IRTCT Travel Insurance?

Currently, IRCTC has a partnership with ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company, and Shriram General Insurance Company. These insurance companies will get the travel insurance policy on a rotation basis from an automated system.

How to apply for the compensation of IRCTC Travel Insurance?

The passenger or the nominee can apply for the compensation to the respective insurance company within 4 months of the event. You have to fill and submit the compensation form along with the documents required for the claim.

As I said above “life is uncertain and we don’t know what life has in store for us”. So, the next time when you book an e-ticket, make sure you opt for IRCTC travel insurance for the security of yourself and your loved ones.

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What is IRCTC Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance in Trains by IRCTC