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LICMobile App – A useful App for LIC Policyholders

LICMobile App

LICMobile App – A useful App for LIC Policyholders

LICMobile is the official mobile application from Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India. This app is very useful for the policyholders and LIC agents/advisors as well. Now, you can have all the information about LIC products and portal services on your fingertips. With the help of this app, you have options for viewing products of LIC, pay premiums, check policy transaction details, premium calculation and register for policy. LICMobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


LicMobile provides two different options namely “Quick Services” and “Registered Portal Users”.

1. Quick Services

Quick services have various options such as Pay Premium, My Transactions, Plans, Premium Calculator and Register for Policy for policyholders and LIC agents/advisors.

LICMobile App

Pay Premium

If you do not want to wait and stand in a queue for paying the premium of your LIC policies, then this is a very useful App for you. You can make the premium payment for your LIC policies using this App. You have to enter the required details such as policy number, installment premium, and date of birth. You can select payment type from the available options (Internet Banking/Amex Cards/Debit Cards/e-wallets/BHIM/UPI).

My Transactions

In this section, you can your check your previous transactions done by you using LICMobile App. To check the previous transaction, just enter your policy number and transaction date.

Plan Group

You can see here, all the plans offered by the Life Insurance Corporation of India and details of the plans. Under this section, you will find four different options which include Endowment Plans, Money Back Plans, Pension/Annuity Plans and Term Assurance Plans.

LICMobile App

Once you click on a type of plan, it will display a complete list of plans under that type of plan. Now on clicking on a particular plan, you can see the plan features and plan parameters.

Premium Calculator

You can check the premium amount of a plan by using this “Premium Calculator”. Just select a plan,  enter your age, the term for the plan and sum assured for which you want to calculate the premium. Now click on the “Calculate Premium” tab and it will immediately display the premium amounts for various modes. Please note that the premium amount shown does not include the service tax.

Register for Policy

You can register yourself for buying a new LIC policy by entering your name, email address, contact number and choosing the state and city from the drop down menu. Just submit the above-mentioned details and an LIC representative will contact you within a day or two.

2. Registered Portal Users

Registered Portal Users section provides two options i.e. Agent Services and Customer Services. 

LICMobile App

You can login here if you already have LIC customer portal Id, to see your enrolled policies and premium payment calendar. If you do not have LIC customer portal Id then create a new one to access these services. Once you logged into customer services as a policyholder, you will find two options namely “View Enrolled Policies” and “Premium Calendar”. In the Agent Services section, LIC agents can see the status of policies under their agency and weekly premium due list.

View Enrolled Policies

By clicking on the “View Enrolled Policies”, you can see all your LIC policies which you have already enrolled using LIC customer portal. You can also check the status of your policy by clicking on the policy number tab.

LICMobile App

Premium Calendar

By clicking on the “Premium Calendar”, you can view all premiums due in the year month by month.

If you are an existing LIC customer then what are you waiting for download this free App from Google PlayStore.

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  1. I have a few LIC policies. I deal through an agent. If we can access policies by submitting documents online, if we can pay premium online, and get refund upon maturity it will be of great use. I don't think we are there yet.

    1. Hi Abhijit, Now you can view your LIC policies online by registering at You can also pay your premium online even without without registration.