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Tips to follow when using ATM

Tips to follow when using ATM

Tips to follow when using ATM

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is an electronic banking outlet which dispenses cash 24/7 without the help of a branch representative or teller.  ATM enables customers to perform basic banking activities such as cash withdrawals, deposits, transfer funds or checking account balance at any time and without the need for direct interaction with bank staff.

You can withdraw an amount from the ATM with the help of a PIN number which is the numeric password. In the last few years, the usage of ATM cards has increased as we no longer go to banks to withdraw cash. With the usage of ATM cards, the fraud related to ATM cards also increased. The ATM card fraud happens due to the negligence in using the ATM cards. In this post, I will talk about several safety measures you should keep in mind while using your ATM card.

Tips to follow when using ATM

Here are the 20 tips to follow when using ATM
1. Please sign on the reverse of the ATM / Debit card immediately once you receive the card.
2. Conduct your ATM transactions in complete privacy. Before conducting your ATM transaction, make sure you are alone inside the ATM room.
3. Some banks have multiple ATM machines in an ATM room. Never let anyone see the PIN while you entering your PIN (ATM Password).
4. Once your transaction is complete, ensure that the ATM returns to the idle mode and welcome screen is displayed on ATM screen.
5. Make sure you have kept your card back before leaving the ATM room.
6. Never throw your ATM transaction slip in the ATM room as it has your account information.
7. Ensure your mobile number is registered with the card issuing bank so that you can get alerts for all your ATM transactions.
8. Don’t hand over your card to an unknown person for using it if you have some doubt go to the nearest bank branch or take help from your family members.
9. Never write your PIN number on the ATM / Debit card, always better to memorize your PIN number.
10. Never disclose your PIN number to anyone, including bank employees and family members.
11. Don’t use a PIN which can be guessed easily. For example, avoid using first four digits of your telephone number or vehicle number.
12. Beware of any extra devices attached to the ATMs that look suspicious.
If you found any such device in an ATM, inform the security guard or bank immediately.
13. Beware of any suspicious movements of people around the ATM. You should also be beware of strangers trying to engage you in conversation.
14. Always check the transaction alert SMSs and bank statements properly.
15. Immediately report to the card issuing bank if you observed any unauthorized transaction on your bank statement.

16. Report to the bank on the telephone number mentioned on the notice board if cash is not dispensed and ATM does not display “cash out”.
17. Immediately check your phone for SMS for the debit amount.
18. If your ATM / Debit card is lost or stolen, immediately report to the card issuing bank.
19. It is advisable to change your ATM / Debit card PIN regularly.
20. Always, remember that bank or any other institution will never ask for ATM / Debit card details or PIN number over the telephone or via email.

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Tips to follow when using ATM

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